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I am developing a new exciting project, especially for overseas students studying at Exeter University from the Freshers Term (September 2024)

Exeter has many hundreds of students from all over the world coming to study at its wonderful University in one of the best places in the UK!

However, for some it will be their first visit to the UK and often their first time away from their homeland!

The University does have support for overseas students but I thought I could offer them a safe and comfortable place where we can combine a friendship/community and learn about all the quirky things to do (or not to do) in British Culture!

I wish to provide a service to help them settle into their new enviroment and "feel at home in a foreign land"!

I plan to have weekly (low cost) Zoom meetings and maybe once a month meet up in person so we can practice some of what we have learned and visit pubs, cafe and interesting places!

I have established a Facebook group and will begin to advertise soon!

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Helpful hints to bridge the learning gap!