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*These Terms and Conditions were written on 17th July 2021 and are subject to change.

1. Learning Environment

1.1 The student must be in a quiet place, without distractions, and the mobile phone switched off.

1.2 Children under 5-years-old must be supervised, supported and encouraged by an adult over the age of 18-years-old.

1.3 Children over the age of 5-years-old may attend classes on their own with their parents/guardians permission and with the agreement of the tutor.

1.4 Adult students must be taught one-to-one with their tutor unless an arrangement has been made for a group session.

1.5 Group sessions can be arranged with the agreement of the tutor.

2. Safeguarding

2.1 The tutor holds a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

2.2 Each teaching session will be recorded. The recording will be held by the tutor and will be sent to the participating student only unless asked to be disclosed for legal purposes.  Please note that if you are part of a group class, you are giving your consent for other members of the group to record the entire lesson.

2.3 Before the first lesson the student must fill in a form giving the tutor details of their contact details, details of their next of kin with contact telephone numbers and any medical problems that the tutor needs to know about, for example, diabetes or epilepsy. They must also sign to agree with these Terms of Conditions.

2.4 All personal data will be held in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations.

3. Cancellation and Lateness Policy

3.1 The student must inform the tutor if they are not able to attend, or are going to be late for a class by logging into their "Customer Panel" to cancel and reschedule their class through the scheduling system and emailing teacherjulesesl@yahoo.com

3.2 If the student informs the tutor 24 hours or more before the class begins there will be no charge.

3.3 If the student informs the tutor within 24 hours of the class beginning they will pay 50% of the tuition fee.

3.4 If the student does not inform the tutor of their absence and they do not show at their lesson then they will pay 100% of the tuition fee.

3.5 If the student is going to be more than 10 minutes late to their lesson they must inform the tutor by email. The tutor will only wait in the classroom for 10 minutes if they are not advised.

3.6 If the student is late for the lesson then it is at the discretion of the tutor if the class continues beyond the agreed end time.  For example, if the student is 10 minutes late the tutor may only teach a 20-minute class and finish at the correct time.

3.7 If the tutor is late for the lesson then the student will have their full 30 minutes of class time.

3.8 If the tutor has to cancel the class there will be no charge to the student and the class will be rescheduled.

3.9 Scheduling conditions
Students are responsible to check their scheduled classes in the online scheduling system. We are not responsible for incorrectly booked times or dates. Scheduled times in the online scheduling system are shown in your local time zone.

3.10 Group lesson programs
Lessons for multi-week group courses are held on a fixed day and time each week. If you miss a week, unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund or alternate lesson.

4. Lesson Feedback and Actions/Activities

4.1 The learning goals, the amount of lesson feedback and actions/activities will be discussed with the individual student on their first lesson.

4.2 The tutor will keep private notes on each student to help tailor their individual learning plan.

5. Copyright

5.1 The student will agree not to copy or transmit any lesson materials provided by the tutor to a third party without the permission of the tutor.

6. Technical Issues

6.1 If there are technical issues and the student and the tutor are not able to connect, the student must take a screenshot of themselves attempting to connect to the teaching platform showing the date and time and send this by email to teacherjulesesl@yahoo.com. The tutor will do likewise to the student. Failure to do this may result in the 100% no show fee being charged.

7. Natural Disasters and Other Calamities

7.1 In the event of a natural disaster including, but not limited to earthquake, typhoon, blizzard or flood and other calamities such as but not limited to: acts of terror, strike action or power cuts the student and the tutor must communicate this information as soon as possible, by email to teacherjulesesl@yahoo.com. Failure to do so may result in unnecessary fees being charged.

8. Invoices and Payments

8.1 Classes must be paid for in advance.  You may do this one lesson at a time if this is better for you.  I can send an invoice on request.

8.2 Payment can be made by BACS if in the UK or PayPal if the student is living outside the UK.

8.3 Discounts are available for block bookings paid in advance. Please contact the tutor for further details.

8.4 You may request a refund up to 7 days before a scheduled lesson. Refunds will not be given if they are requested less than 7 days in advance.

8.5 Refunds for lesson program bookings
You may request a refund for any unused lessons that are part of a lesson package purchase in the case of a single student program. If you purchased lessons in a group program, you will only be entitled to a 50% refund of the unused lessons. Refunds will only be given on lessons booked more than 7 days in advance.

9.  Additional services
Any additional services which are requested from the teacher will be paid for in advance at the agreed rate and by the agreed payment method.


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